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Effective communication is key to success in all areas of life and being able to communicate with colleagues, clients, friends, and family members in a manner that enables us to connect with them, not only enriches our relationships but impacts on our results.  This fun, engaging, CPD accredited workshop will equip you with the skills to build crucial connections with those in your life.

DATE: 22  FEBRUARY  2023;  TIME:  10.00am to 1.00pm BST; VENUE: The Lighthouse, Station Road, Maidstone ME14 1QJ and also online

Early Bird: £35.00 (ends 25 January)
(Standard Ticket £45)

Sign up to this 3-hour CPD Accredited workshop and start to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships and improve your results on every level!

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.” - Teddy Roosevelt 

What if you could make every encounter an opportunity for a great connection and dramatically improve your relationships and accelerate your results both in your personal and professional life?

In a world where personal, professional and business success is increasingly dependent upon collaboration, it is not enough to know how to get along with like-minded people. We must also learn to get along with and to work with people that are not like us.

Our personalities affect every aspect of our lives and so understanding your personality and communication style and that of the people around you, enables you to best connect and relate with others in a manner most suited to them, improving the quality of your relationships and inevitably the quality of your life.


Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for anyone looking to build better relationships, achieve better outcomes in their communications, and improve performance.

Does This Sound Like You:

  • You dislike networking, find it a drain and only do it because you have to.
  • You tend to feel misunderstood, and often walk away from a conversation feeling like you failed to communicate your true intent and feelings
  • You always seem to be the odd one out , and people just don’t get you
  • You can be quite shy and feel uncomfortable in groups
  • You seem to always find yourself “unlucky” in relationships as they are often short lived and characterised with tension and conflict.
  • You want to build healthier relationships, achieve better outcomes with your communication, and improve your results


According to Stanford Research Institute International, almost 75% of an employee's success comes from soft skills while only 25% of their success comes from technical skills. Interpersonal skills like any other skill can be learned……...even if you are not naturally a people person!

At This Workshop You Will:

  • Learn about the different personality styles and how our personalities influence our interactions
  • Increase your own self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Discover your blind spots and how to neutralise them
  • Understand the different communication styles and how to use them to achieve better outcomes.
  • Learn how to handle challenging people and deal with conflict constructively 
  • Learn how to communicate with others in a manner and enables you to quickly connect with them and get buy in.
  • Learn how to get along with anybody, making collaboration easier, and improving your results.

Expected Outcomes

Whether you consider yourself a people person or not, this workshop will equip you with the skills needed to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection. If you want to increase your impact, achieve better outcomes from your communication and cultivate long-lasting relationships, this experience is for you!

Expect To:

  • Reduce stress and live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life
  • Increase conversion rates and close more deals
  • Boost staff morale and teamwork, increasing productivity and profits in your business
  • Reduce conflict, lack of co-operation and in-fighting among team members, saving time
  • Increase customer satisfaction and staff retention
  • Network with confidence increasing your influence and impact
  • Understand yourself and others better, increasing your confidence and self esteem


Mary Eniolu | Public Speaker UK

Mary is a Certified Behavioural Analyst, Trainer, Speaker and Coach, and CEO of Can Do Academy, a professional training and coaching company dedicated to helping individuals, businesses and organisations achieve peak performance and profits through personal and leadership development.

Mary believes everyone has unlimited potential and is passionate about helping people close the gap between their performance and potential. When you attend this event, not only will you get high class, custom designed content delivered in a manner that shifts mindsets and ignites and inspires you in the moment, but you are guaranteed to leave empowered with practical, actionable steps you can begin to implement immediately to elevate your performance and see lasting change!

Words often used to describe Mary as a communicator are Inspirational, passionate, motivational and engaging. She loves to inspire her audience with great content, laced with humour and inspiring stories, delivered in a manner that connects and captures their attention, leaving them wanting more. Her enthusiastic, down to earth, and engaging style of delivery enables her to authentically connect with any audience, inspiring and motivating them to take action that creates transformational change.

We can't wait to welcome you!

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Early Bird: £35.00 (ends 25 January)
(Standard Ticket £45)

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