Diversity is not a luxury … not in today’s world! It is a necessity for every brand and organization that wants to be profitable, remain relevant and lead their market in the future. If that is you, book your no obligation strategy call today!


Apart from the obvious moral obligation on every organisation to create a diverse and inclusive work place, research shows a lack of diversity across organisations of all sizes has created a $3.7 trillion gap for businesses globally! The opportunity to improve the culture AND bottom line for proactive companies is undeniable.

When people feel included, they are engaged and so bring a discretionary goodwill to the business. They are more committed and give more. When people don’t feel included, they disengage. In fact they might as well have quit, are just showing up for work each day, and keep getting paid.

Negative Effects of Not Being Inclusive:

  • Cost of high staff turnover
  • Cost of inability to attract new talent
  • Loss of discretionary goodwill and effort where people are just doing enough to retain their job
  • Loss of the diversity of ideas and knowledge
  • Cost of settlement for discriminations cases
  • Cost to business operations by way of lost time and the other disruptions
  • Loss of reputation for you as a business


Raise Your Awareness

  • Cultural Background
  • Race or Ethnicity
  • Religious Beliefs
  • Age
  • Gender and Identity
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Abilities

This is not about asking people to change their values or core beliefs, but rather a conversation on diversity and inclusion is about holding space for difficult-but-necessary conversations and being open to ideas, perspectives, and experiences outside of your own. Diversity and Inclusion means allowing others to have a seat at the table.


Our SHRM compliant, engaging and interactive Diversity and Inclusion training programme, Another Seat at The Table, not only satisfies statutory and regulatory requirements but enables individuals and organisations engage in this dialogue in a manner that allows them to identify and take actionable steps that will create lasting positive change.


HOW TO CREATE AWARENESS – Every employee needs to feel permission to bring their full self to work, including their own personality, experiences, and perspectives.

HOW TO ESTABLISH EMPATHY – We’ll show you the direct correlation between empathy and retention and how much the “empathy gap” is costing companies

WHY DIVERSITY OF THOUGHT REQUIRES DIVERSITY OF REPRESENTATION – We will show you how to hold space for difficult-but-necessary conversations and be open to ideas, perspectives, and experiences outside of your own

UNIQUE PCI ANALYSIS – Discover the unique role each employee plays through our unique PCI (pioneer, champion, influencer, hesitator, obstructer) analysis

UNPACKING STEREOTYPES AND IMPLICIT BIAS – Raising individual awareness of unconscious biases is crucial in creating a truly inclusive work place.

UNPACKING KEY LEGISLATION – Staff will gain an understanding of the various legislation and protected classes

We use a combination of videos, teaching sessions, discussions, and participation exercises to ensure all learning preferences are utilized and participants remain engaged. Your employees will be provided with their own Participant Guide and you will also receive leave-behind materials so you can continue to reinforce important concepts afterward.

Participants are given a pre and post training test, gauging their awareness and understanding on diversity and inclusion, so that you can see the measurable results at the end of the training. We will also have a short debrief meeting after the training, to share any observations and takeaways for you to consider going forward.

Training can be offered on site (government covid-19 guidelines and requirements permitting) or can be done virtually. The full course is delivered in a 4 hour training session, however we are able to tailor the programme to individual requirements.

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