Take your team to the next level with this transformational CPD accredited Leadership Development Programme.

Don’t Just Manage – Lead is for supervisors, managers, and anyone that wants to develop their leadership capabilities and amplify their results. It is designed to equip you with the skills required to not only manage but to lead effectively. Includes your Maxwell DISC Personal Profile Report


You can increase your impact by increasing your influence. This programme will show you simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others. You will see team members respond with new enthusiasm and productivity increase.  


  • Your unique traits and leadership strengths
  • The art of collaborative leadership
  • Effective time management
  • How to delegate effectively
  • How to communicate more effectively
  • How to handle complaints, criticism, and confrontation
  • How to build rapport and engage better with team members
  • How to keep team members excited and motivated to take action
  • How to increase team productivity through coaching
  • Effective problem solving and how to create change

Everything rises and falls on leadership. so investing in developing its leaders is the best investment any organisation can make. Start now!

A Gallup’s poll of more than one million workers showed that the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs is because of a bad boss, or immediate supervisor.

Over 75% of workers who voluntarily leave their jobs do so because of their boss and not the position, the role or the company.

Your people deserve to be led well. Let us help you develop visionary leaders that will inspire them to take action to deliver on your business objectives.


  • Increased influence and impact for your leaders 
  • Better communication and staff cohesion
  • Increased team performance and productivity 
  • Higher team engagement and lower turnover
  • Less stress, conflicts and complaints
  • Better customer service and retention


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Don’t Just Manage – Lead is accredited by the CPD Certification Service, so when you sign up to the programme, you not only get excellent content delivered in an engaging and interactive manner that enhances learning, you are also awarded CPD points, a testament to your commitment to continued professional development.

This programme can be delivered virtually or in person.

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