The John Maxwell Team Leadership Game is a fun, interactive and edifying way to assess communication, address difficult topics and identify strengths and weaknesses in your team. Through thought provoking questions, individual reflection, and ideological debates, any group will understand each other more deeply in order to perform more effectively.

This amazing leadership assessment tool, based on the teachings of leadership expert, John C. Maxwell will bring your team together in a fun environment, foster unity and will highlight the leadership awareness of your team. It is a fun way to unearth issues you were not even aware existed so they can be addressed.

Get Ready to Raise Your Company's Leadership Lid!

The Leadership Game is a fun, yet challenging experience designed to help you and your team better understand core leadership principles and values 

Through the game you will be able to raise the leadership awareness of your team and introduce the timeless leadership principles that will bring about positive change through communication and connection.

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What You & Your Team Will Experience

  • Team Building Using a Fun, Engaging Tool - The Leadership Game is a board game that allows everyone to gather around the table. It is the best team-building tool…ever!
  • Open Sharing and Communication - Every question and discussion card is designed to trigger open, honest feedback.
  • Leadership Skills Assessment - The Game challenges your team members to embrace who they are as leaders.
  • Stronger Relationships - By the end of the Game, team members will learn to appreciate one another and forge stronger relationships – a winning edge for any business!

Looking for a way to 

unite your team?

Let’s play the Leadership Game!

£ 750

(90 mins play for up to 12 people)

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