A 4-Session Coaching Package To help You Start to Sharpen Your Focus, Increase Your Productivity and Achieve your Professional Goals without compromising on Work-Life Harmony.

Most people are faced with the same problem. too much to do, with too little time to do it. If you have ever found yourself wishing you had more than 24 hours in the day, the Personal Productivity Accelerator is for you.


  • Often at the end of the day wonder where the day went?
  • Find yourself no closer to achieving your goals, after working hard at it for months?
  • Work long hours, yet at the end of the day struggle to identify your achivements?
  • Often have your planned out day sabotaged by other things that 'pop up'?
  • Feel stressed and overwhelmed and often find yourself procrastinating?
  • Find yourself constantly firefighting and chasing your tail?
  • Want to accelerate your results?

The Personal Productivity Accelerator was designed with you in mind.

Learn How to CONVERT YOUR TIME TO MONEY Through Effective Self-Management with this 4-Session One-on-One Coaching Package. Includes a BONUS Maxwell DISC Personal Profile Report.



Results To Expect:

  • Clarify your vision, purpose, and goals
  • Identify the exact activities to focus on to achieve your goals
  • Identify your time thieves and get rid of them
  • Prioritize tasks to ensure you are getting the important things done
  • Eliminate distractions and stay focussed and on track throughout the day
  • Identify and maximize your most productive time of day
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm to improve your results and wellbeing
  • Go from struggle to flow by identifying and playing to your motivators and strengths.
  • Get in the right mindset to stay motivated and productive throughout the day
  • Overcome procrastination and turn good intentions into action to achieve your goals

Are you ready to start to reclaim your time and achieve your goals, while maintaining your health, well-being and the freedom to do the things you love?


Hi, I am Mary Eniolu, a certified Trainer, Coach and Human Behaviour Specialist. My mission is simple, to help as many people as possible realize their full potential and purpose.

My passion to equip and empower others to achieve more than they ever thought possible, led me a few years ago to leave behind a successful legal career spanning over 30 years, including over 15 years running my own thriving law firm, to set up Can Do Academy, a company dedicated to helping individuals and organisations close the gap between performance and potential.

I take a holistic approach to coaching because I don’t just want you to succeed in your business and career, I want you to succeed in life. 

I am a published author, serve as a volunteer mentor to Secondary School Students, mum to three wonderful boys and wife to the most amazing man on the planet. 

I believe in you and know there is so much more for you to be, do and have. Together, let’s make it happen. I can’t wait for us to get started!

Mary Eniolu | Keynote Speaker

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Includes a BONUS Maxwell DISC Personal Profile Report

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