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Welcome to Can Do Academy. I am Mary Eniolu founder and CEO. I am married to the most amazing man on the planet and we’ve got three wonderful boys. A few years ago however my husband and I were really struggling in our relationship, our finance was in trouble and we were heading down a road that could have led us to losing our home.

Now I know this is probably not the most conventional business introduction you’ve ever had, but there is a reason I share this with you. Watch the video to find out why after over 30 years in the legal profession and over 15 years running my own law firm I decided to follow my dream and passion to set up Can Do Academy, a company dedicated to developing and equipping people to help them be the best version of themselves.

We are committed to helping businesses cultivate healthy, productive, growth cultures where people can really thrive. The fact is when your people are happy and engaged, they will give you their best. Statistically when most people leave a company, it’s because of their manager. In my experience, most bad managers and leaders are not bad because they are bad people. It’s usually because they have not been properly equipped for the role they’ve been thrust into. When as a business, you promote your best salesperson or best technical person into a position of leadership without properly equipping them for the role, you end up losing a great salesperson or a great technician and end up with a mediocre leader. The person ends up frustrated, the business ends up frustrated and that’s where we come in.

Using our bespoke training and coaching solutions we help you develop your people and create cultures where people love working together to achieve great results. So if you want a high performing team and extraordinary leaders who can take your business or your organization to the next level and you want to be equipped and prepared for the challenges and opportunities the future holds please contact us and let’s have a chat to find out how we can serve you

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