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6 Step Guide to Diversity & Inclusion | Diversity and Inclusion Support

A 6-Step Guide to Creating and Implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Diversity and Inclusion is not luxury but a necessity for any organisation that wants to remain relevant, profitable and lead its market in the future.

While most companies, up to 85% according to Forbes, agree that Diversity and Inclusion are important and most do want to achieve a more diverse and inclusive workplace, the practical challenges, not knowing where to start and fear of getting it wrong can make succeeding in Diversity and Inclusion a daunting task.

This guide contains simple, actionable steps that will help your organisation succeed in its Diversity and Inclusion goals

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Business Start-up Guide | New Business Support UK

Business Start-up Guide

Without the right guidance and support, starting a business, especially if it is your first one can be very daunting and overwhelming. From making the mental shift from employee to entrepreneur, finding the right name for the business and raising capital, to developing a business strategy that works and forming a winning team, the challenges abound.

Jump start your business with this simple guide that gives you an effective framework to follow so you can navigate this new terrain with clarity and confidence and start to turn your dream to reality.

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The Dreamer, book by Mary Eniolu | Professional Coaching and Mentoring

At some point in life, most people dream of something better than what they have. However few go beyond their wishful thinking to discipline themselves and do what it takes to have their desires fulfilled. In this book I not only inspire you to revisit your dreams, but empower you with simple, practical principles, which if applied will move the reader from Dreamer to Achiever.

Mary Eniolu
Author – The Dreamer
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