The Dreamer (Audio Book)

The Dreamer (Audio Book)


  • The Dreamer – Audio Book

    The Dreamer - Prefaceby Mary Eniolu


Every single person on the face of the earth is supposed to be an Achiever, to live a life of significance. Nobody is meant to just live and die without touching anyone or impacting anything. At some point or the other most people dream of something better than what they have. However few go beyond their wishful thinking to discipline themselves and do what it takes to realise their dreams. When the desires of their hearts elude them, they stop dreaming and resign themselves to fate.

If you desire or have ever desired more from life, if you have ever asked the question “What if?”, then The Dreamer is for you. In this book, you will receive simple, practical principles of success that will not only inspire you to awaken your dreams but empower you to realize them!

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