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9 Apr 2019

You Have Unlimited Potential

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Every single one of us, no matter the current circumstances and conditions of our lives, good or bad, fulfilling or frustrating, know there is more! More to be, do and have. This is innate in every human being, that desire to increase and to expand. The reason is that we all have unlimited potential. Now we can look at our life as it is right now and find that statement to be incredulous, but it is absolutely true.

Take a minute to think about the top five achievers you know. Consider all their amazing achievements for a minute. Now consider the fact that even those achievers on your mind right now have not tapped into even 50% of their potential. Statistics has it that most people never realise even 80% of their potential. I don’t know about you but to get a 20% score on a test is a terrible failure! No one can ever fully realise their potential because our potential is limitless but most people stop stepping forward into growth and as a result stagnate.

You see the word potential is a very powerful word, full of hope and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. However the word potential can also be a very painful word, when it speaks of what could have, should have or would have been, but never was. This leads to frustration and unfortunately there are several people living life feeling frustrated right now because they know they are more than they are manifesting right now and should be achieving more than they are achieving right now, but for some reason, they are simply falling short.

If you are feeling frustrated in any area of your life right now, something is wrong. You are supposed to be living a fulfilled life, not a frustrated one. I however understand the frustration because as a leader, I do feel frustrated when I look at those I am privileged to lead, recognise their potential yet see them fall short of realising it. As a parent, I am frustrated when I look at my kids, knowing what they are capable of but seeing it always remain in the future to be realised some day.

It’s great to have potential, but it is of no use to anyone, if it always remains in the future, something to be grasped but never taken hold of. Those achievers that came to your mind a few seconds ago when I asked you to think about the top five achievers you know refused to remain in their comfort zones. They stepped forward into growth and that is how they were able to realise some of their potential and in doing that they affected not just their lives, but the world around them. Your world is waiting for you to realise your potential. There is a difference that you, yes you are supposed to make to your world and if you don’t you deprive your world of that benefit.

It will take a number of things to realise our potential, but top of the list is awareness. If you have ever used any type of location finder, there are two pieces of information the devise will require of you, your location and your destination and then and only then can it map out a route for you. Very often most people focus on their destination. They are aware of where they want to go and they just focus on that, without giving much thought to their location. However your location is just as important.  You need an awareness of where you are right now, and I don’t mean your physical location of course. You need an awareness of why you are where you are right now. Why are you stuck? Why do you think the way you do and make decisions the way you do? What are the things you take into consideration when making choices? What is your decision making process like? What are your beliefs? How do you approach opportunities? You see your approach will determine your results. You need an awareness of all these considerations because they absolutely shape your life. Where you are right now is the result of choices you have made in the past and those choices were made on the basis of your current beliefs, your attitude and perception on life.

My encouragement to you if you really want to begin to step into growth and into your potential is to begin to consciously and intentionally raise your level of awareness of who you are, where you are, why you are where you are and where you want to be. Socrates said the unexamined life is a life not worth living. Take a moment to reflect on your life and past experiences, why did you take the view you took and why did you respond the way you did? This really is the starting point to stepping into your potential. Now I’ll leave you with one question. What are you going to begin to do today to raise your level of awareness?

Mary Eniolu
Trainer, Speaker, Coach
© 2019

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